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Freshly harvested ingredients

Our products provide you with a first-class combination of complex carbohydrates, valuable proteins, fats and fiber. We spend a lot of time selecting our ingredients. These are 100% plant-based, are sourced exclusively from environmentally friendly and responsible production and are harvested at optimal ripeness. This is how we create an irresistible taste experience for you.

Flash-frozen freshness

All our products are 100% natural

and free from any additives or preservatives . Our ingredients are washed immediately after harvest, blanched if necessary and then shock frozen to -40°C when optimally ripe. This is how we ensure that the taste, nutrients and consistency of our ingredients are optimally preserved for you.

Lovingly compiled

After shock freezing, the finished dishes are produced according to the highest food standards . The individual frozen ingredients are mixed with the sauce in perfect balance and packaged for you. Almost 100% of the ingredients are processed to prevent food waste.

Delivered to you sustainably

Last but not least, the finished products are delivered to you in the most resource-efficient way possible. We put a lot of thought into the materials we use and are constantly looking for the most sustainable solution for all our packaging. All of the materials we use consist largely of recycled materials . You will find detailed information about how to dispose of the packaging on your shipping box.

  • We have been filling our freezers at Reishunger with Every Foods bowls for over a year now and our employees love this offer. It is the perfect, healthy lunch, especially if you want to whip up something quickly in the office. - Melanie, Reishunger

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